Garden Design

We will work with you to achieve your dreams by designing your garden to your specifications.

Let us provide you with exceptional design ideas created by us from listening to what you need.

We can take care of all the elements you need to make the most of your outside area - colour, texture, shape and position.
Design elements

Artificial grass

Real turf






Whatever the look you wish to achieve, we can help.
Planting Designs

Don’t waste money buying the wrong plant for your garden!

Planting your garden to achieve a particular look can be difficult; some plants are maintenance-free, others need constant attention.

There are many variables that can prevent a plant from thriving. You may not have the correct soil type, the plant may require shade or it may need direct sunlight.
Colour & Texture

We will place the right plant in the correct position to give you the colour or effect where you need it.

We will show you how to maintain and make the most of your garden.

Our garden designs range from Victorian to contemporary, so whatever look you wish to achieve, we can help.
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